The datacenter is not only the place to house your servers. It is the meeting point for an increasing numbers of digital and mobile customers and a foundation for new business opportunities and business models.

In a modern datacenter high speed and effective communication are crucial factors to succeed. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity claims high demands to a modern communication plattform also within the datacenter. Huge amounts av data shall be processed and moved between the different components. The interaction between hardware og software and developments of software-defined network, demands extreme quality at all levels.

BlueFjords is carrier neutral, but will give recommendation and facilitate customers for optimal connectivity.

BlueFjords is fully redundant with physical infrastructure. Two redundant Meet Me Rooms (MMR) that are connected externally by physically redundant backbone fiber paths.

ISP Providers with installed equipment today are Kvantel, Telenor, Sognenett and Enivest. Other ISP Providers like Broadnet and Eidsiva are present thru agreements with one of the above. These providers can provide all modern capacity needs. Including Internet, point to point layer 2 and/or layer 3 links. Both as capacity or as layer 1 optical transports (xWDM).

Current ISP providers have all needed capacities 100Mbps /1Gbps/10Gbps/40Gbps and including layer2/3 vpn