About us

BlueFjords has established their first datacenter – a 650 sqm greenfield colocation. Available power capacity at site is 15 Mega Watt and can be scaled up as needed since there is a nearby power station. It is net export of electricity from the area.

The data center is a significant commitment in the data center market for local, regional, national and international clients.

BlueFjords data center is customized and therefore scalable to meet client needs for change and growth.

Large enough

  • – to be cost efficient, meaning reasonable customer services.
  • – to be built with the latest and best technology.
  • – to be prepared for necessary Security.
  • – to optimize for stability.

BlueFjords is certified and complies with the Information Security Management Systems ( ISO 27001 ) and and has implemented and maintains a Quality Management Systems ( ISO 9001 ). First time issued 2016-11-23 and expires 2025-11-23


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