Jostedal Datacenter is designed and built with the latest available technologies to optimize cost-effective solutions. A+B power is delivered all the way to the PDU rack for the best possible security, efficiency and flexibility. The air to air cooling system is based on the latest technology from ExCool – based on indirect evaporative and adiabatic cooling and helps us save water and energy . It’s extremely efficient and contribute to a PuE down to 1.1 for Jostedal Datacenter. Good for BlueFjords – good for you and good for the environment. Our technical partner and datacenter entrepreneur is Data Center Technology AS who has provided all technical solutions in our datacenter.

Local power

  • Jostedal Datacenter has 4 power station nearby – all of them with connection to the node Leirdola powerplant, which is only 300 meters away from Jostedal Datacenter. We have therefore local, inexpensive and plentiful of available power.

Cold air as cooling

  • You find the Jostedal glacier at the end of the valley of Jostedal. The glacier ensures stable and cool air that will be used as cooling in Jostedal Datacenter. This leads to realative fair and cheap cooling which reflects the cost and price tag for our clients. We are using extreme coolers provided by ExCool.

Redundant fiber

  • There are redundant fibers to Jostedal Datacenter with seperate conduits to the central nodes. Most of the network operators are already up and running, so you can choose your preferred supplier or bring your own. Double/crossed MMR ( Meet Me Room ) are available.

Data hall

  • iFortress is responsible for constructing the data hall, being a room in room module solution. This maintains optimal physical security. The hall will then be water proof, fire safe, radiation safe etc to ensure safe and stable operating conditions. The flexible solutions are installed with futuristic expansions in mind.


  • The data center has in addition to the built-in security – access controll , protection and monitoring over the whole data center. All vital rooms are secured with efficient and mitigating gas based Nuvic-fire extinguishing system.