The Region

Sogn og Fjordane is a county in western Norway, containing 26 municipalities and covering 18 623 sq. km. The population of the county is approximately 108 000 inhabitants and is with this the 2nd smallest in the country but the 8th largest by area. There are three cities in Sogn og Fjordane. Hermansverk is the public administration center located in Leikanger municipality.

The county has many great and long fjords such as Sognefjorden, the largest in Norway. You will also find the Jostedal glacier located here. The greatest european mainland glacier surrounded by smaller glaciers. In Luster municipality is the Store Skagastølstind ( 2405m ) which is the highest mountain in the western part of Norway and the third highest in Norway.

The county is very mountainous and have lots of good salmon rivers. There are many significant farming villages and orchardry. Livestock, forestry and aquaculture is also widespread in the county. Other important industries are industry, trade, tourism, private and public services and administration.